*NOW ACCEPTING SPRING REGISTRATIONS!!! (ALL 76ers affiliated families/athletes please read)*

*NOW ACCEPTING SPRING REGISTRATIONS!!! (ALL 76ers affiliated families/athletes please read)*


The registration tab is now active on the site. DO NOT register for anything until I have contacted you to give you the go ahead that you are cleared to register. Those of you whom I already spoke to after the parent meeting or contacted to confirm your roster spot for the spring season can feel free to start registering.


The spring season is officially starting now and will extend through May 23 for our middle school team/May 15 for our high school team. Official team names/designations will be finalized and posted when the rosters are final and will be viewable as team pages and posted to the website.

Now that tryouts and the parent meeting are in the books, the final step for us to settle in and get rolling with the spring season is selecting teams. We are very close to being able to finalize that decision. Those team pages will be posted here on the site as soon as after I have the opportunity to reach out to everyone as there are a few that I may unfortunately need to let go temporarily as we might land at kind of an awkward number with ages/levels that requires us to logically trim down the roster to 2 teams for the spring. In the meantime, if you tried out and are wondering if you are going to be on one of the rosters I have a lot of those answers now, I just can’t share it publicly until I can finalize the entire roster. There are a couple of changes to the team rosters that are still pending. Please call, text, or email me if you need to know about your daughter specifically and you have not heard from me yet. For that reason, if I have not specifically contacted you to give you the go ahead to register for one of the currently available spring options, we are asking that you please hold off on registering until we can confirm that with you. Once we have given you the go ahead, please register for whatever package/s fit your situation the best. Official registration deadline for spring 2022 is Tuesday, March 29 at 11:59PM. 

In addition we will have the official spring schedule posted on Wednesday March 23 sometime in the evening. That will include all tournaments, practices, open gyms, and training sessions that will be available for the spring. I will have finished adding and updating all of the events for the spring season by then so that you can start registering for sessions/events as soon as possible and get your calendars worked out. Any of the events you see on the events page that do not have a clickable hyperlink are things you do not need to register for, as they are either team specific events, or sessions that are open to everyone and will have an unlimited number of slots available. Any event you see on the events page that are things you need to register for will include a clickable hyperlink that opens information for that event. That informational page will have a registration button that takes you to a form to submit your registration for that particular event. If there are ANY tournaments that you know you cannot attend once the official schedule is posted please contact us immediately so we can arrange a partial refund for that particular tournament or work out another arrangement with you.

NOTE: Training sessions will have a limited number of slots available so please register early for those so we can get an idea of the weekly calendar in advance and prepare our training sessions accordingly. The earlier you register, the more time our staff will have to plan the session and cater it around the needs of the athlete/s who will be attending. We know that skill training can be expensive and we want to ensure that you are getting the best possible value for your money that we can offer. Please understand that your level of proactiveness and commitment is also a factor in determining how much you can hope to get out of our training programs. 


Summer Players/Parents

The summer season will officially begin the week of May 30th and extend through August 19. However, the month of June will be fairly light on the schedule for the club. We will leave all weekends in June open as that is when we will have our high school team camps. In addition, that opens up a couple of weekends during the month of June to take family trips etc… In addition, we want to be flexible with all of you as much as possible when it comes to conflicts with your summer schedules. Once the schedule is posted, contact us immediately with any known conflicts so we can work that out with you.

We will have a number of new players coming into the club for the summer season and will reshuffle the rosters at that time. If you did not tryout in the spring, there will be a secondary tryout date set in late May for all incoming players who have not tried out yet. In addition, if you tried out in the spring and did not make a roster, you are welcome to try again at that time to make one of our summer rosters. At current, we anticipate adding at least one additional team in the summer for a total of 3 teams. However, there is a chance we may be able to pull in enough to run a 4th team, and I have coaches available to take that on should that situation arise.

As soon as I get the spring stuff worked out I will shift my focus to getting the calendar completed for the summer. I do not intend to keep you all waiting much longer for all of this information, and can commit to having it posted by the end of this month. In addition, all available club packages for both spring and summer will be available at that time on the registration page. Among those will be a couple of bulk packages at a lower tier than the one currently listed that will be available for purchase at that time as well. One of those bulk packages will be a scaled down version of the GOLD Package that we are currently offering that includes the spring season. It will be the best option that we have available to receive the lowest possible rate and the maximum number of training hours for the summer season. If we have not specifically cleared you to purchase that item, please refrain from buying that until we can confidently confirm your roster spot for the summer.



The “Gold Package” that you currently see on the registration page is open. However, please do not purchase this item until we have specifically contacted you and given you the green light to do so. This particular package is for our MOST dedicated athletes who know they will be able to commit to making basketball a priority that will fit into their daily routine for the bulk of the summer. There will be opportunities for small breaks here and there, but in general, the athletes who sign up for this package will have something going on almost everyday that is basketball related throughout the summer.

Because this package is the one that will require the most financial commitment from you all, we want to ensure that we can deliver the most benefit. We cannot guarantee the results of any of our training. However, we can guarantee that we will develop a plan for athletes who purchase this item with an abundance of care and attention to detail. We will do that across the board, but due to the financial commitment involved we will not settle for anything other than our very best. Having said that, we can only do so much as coaches and trainers. The vast majority of the work involved in gaining the most benefit out of our training programs will come from within each athlete. We can teach it, but will you be listening? We can show you, but will you be watching? We can work on it when you are with us, but will you work on it when you are all by yourself and no one is there to make it easy for you? At the end of the day, if you are serious about developing as a basketball player and you are fully bought into what we are doing as a club and can prioritize us and commit to us at the highest level starting right away, the Gold Package is designed for you. Beyond everything you see included in the package, there will be other opportunities to provide additional training and benefits on an impromptu basis free of charge. Bottom line, if you are willing to dedicate this kind of time and money into us, we will do everything possible to help you achieve your goals.

NOTE: Gold Package members are guaranteed a roster spot for both spring and summer, and may begin booking events they wish to register for when they become available on the events page. This is also an added benefit for Gold Package members as you will be cleared to begin booking sessions in the summer before they become available to everyone else.


If you are unsure of your status for spring or summer, or if you are new to the Colorado 76ers, please reach out to us! We have a number of athletes in our program who are multi-sport athletes that cannot commit to basketball for both spring and summer, or in some cases spring OR summer. We want to be as inclusive as possible, and are willing to work out flexible options on a case by case basis for those of you who want to be involved, but cannot commit to playing on one of our teams at this time. ANY event you see on the website that is listed as an “open gym” will be open to the public and serve as a way for us to provide a “free trial” of sorts for those of you who want to get a feel for our program before you make a decision for future seasons. In addition, we will open up training sessions on a case by case basis to non-members throughout the summer. If you know you would like to register for training with us on some level this summer, but cannot commit to playing on a team… please contact us so we can work something out with you.

NOTE: Member and Non-member pricing for training will be different. That pricing structure will be broken down on the registration page when those packages become available. As of now, we do not have any packages available for non members to register for. Those will be available at the end of this month.

*A member is defined as anyone who has been cleared by the Colorado 76ers to purchase any one of our package deals. You do not have to play on one of our teams to be considered a member.

* A non-member is defined as anyone who does not play on one of our teams, and is only booking training events through our website on an individual basis


PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL ME IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS!!!! I can answer a lot of stuff quickly for you over the phone that I cannot share publicly at this time.